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Zentyal Pos

Suitable for Supermarkets, Pharmacies Store, Groceries Store, Mini marts, Book Store, Souvenir Shop, Pet Shop, Motor Shop, Auto supply, Computer Sales and Service, Boutique Shop, Convenience Stores and many more retail-related businesses.

Products / Items Entry
– Add, Edit, Delete Product / Items
– Retail, Whole Sale, Whole Discount and Special Price
– Auto Whole Price
– Filtering Itemname, Itemcode, Department, Brand, Section, Supplier, Division
– Auto Markup Price
– Inventory Physical Count For Resetting Inventory
– Weighing Scale Features
– Freebies Tagging
– Points Tagging
– Senior Tagging
– Require Serial Number Tagging
– Set Qty Per Box
– Set Delivery Qty and Delivery Cost
– Minimum/Critical Stock
– Long Name for Complete Details of Items/Products
– Generate Sticker with Barcode
– Exportable to Excel
Item Forecasting
– Forecast Item data based on previous sales
Customer Listing
– Add, Edit, Delete Customer List Data
– Filter by Card Number, Customer Name, Active/Inactive Status
– Exportable to Excel
– Points System Tagging
– Select Customer Default Price
– Set Beginning Points
– Set Credit Limit
– Set Payment Type
– Set Default Discount Level
Sales Rep Entry
– Add, Edit, Delete Sales Representative Data
Pullout Category
– Add, Edit, Delete Pullout Categories
Department Entry
– Add, Edit, Delete Department Listing
Brand Entry
– Add, Edit, Delete Brand Listing
Division Entry
– Add, Edit, Delete Division Listing
Section Entry
– Add, Edit, Delete Section Listing
Suppliers Entry
– Add, Edit, Delete Suppliers Listing
Sales Transactions
– Detailed Report of Sales Transaction Per Item
– Date Range and Client Name Filter
– Exportable to Excel
Printer Setup
– Select POS Printer
-Voucher Entry
-Inventory Loosen
Purchase Order Entry
– Create Purchase Order
– Input Supplier, Ref No, Remarks, Agent , Payment Terms
– Import Purchase Order based on Minimum Stock
– Search and Update Saved Purchase Order
Receiving Entry
– Receive New Stock Deliveries
– Input Supplier, P.O no, Ref No, Remarks
– Save and Print Received Items
– Change Unit Cost
– Reprint Received Items
– Set Expiry Date
– Find Purchase Order
Pullout Entry
– Pullout Items from Inventory
– Input Supplier, Remarks, Date, and Pullout Reason
– Search Pullout Transactions
– Export to Excel
– Save and Print Pullout Transaction
Adjustment Entry
– Adjust Item Inventory Manually
Cashout Listing
– Filter by Date Range, Item Description, Remarks, Staff, Cashier ID, Machine ID
– View Cashout Report
– Exportable to Excel
– Add and Edit Cashout Transaction
Opening Fund Listing
– Filter by Date Range
– View and Edit Opening Fund Record
– Exportable to Excel
Charge Sales
– Filter by Date Range, Customer Name, Cashier, Department, Paid on Unpaid Status
– View and Edit Charge Records
– Add New Charge Records
– Save and Print New Records
– Exportable to Excel
Charge Summary
– View Summary Charge Sales
– Filter by Date Range and Customer Name
– Exportable to Excel
Customer Summary Reports
– Summary Sales Report Per Customer
– Filter by Date Range, Name, Company, Trans Type, Cashier, Machine ID
– Exportable to Excel
Payment Entry
– Filter by Date Range, Customer Number, Customer Name, Check No
– Create New Payment Transaction
– Partial or Full Payment Transaction
– Exportable to Excel
Aging of Account Receivables
– View Aging of Accounts Report
– Filter by Date and Customer Name
– Exportable to Excel
Customer Ledger
– View Customer Ledger Report
– Filter by Date Range and Customer Name
– Exportable to Excel
Payment History
– View Payment History Report
– Filter by Date Range, Sales Rep, and Customer Name
Bin Card Report
Receiving Report
Summary Receiving Report
Pull Out Report
Adjustment Inventory Report
Loosen Inventory Report
Inventory Report
Fast Moving Products
Slow Moving Products
Items Listing
Critical Stock Report
Physical Count
– Set Physical Count of All Items.
– Posting of Inventory
Beginning Count
– Set Beginning Count of All Items
Posted Inventory
– Check Posted Inventory Report
Purchased Order Reprint
Receiving Reprint
Points Maintenance
– Points Earned Report
– Points Redeemed Report
– Customer Points Ledger
User Manager
– Add, Edit, Delete User Accounts
– Set Security Pin for Important Functions
User Menu Access Level
– Set the Availability of Features for each Admin or Supervisor Account
System Setup
– 24-hr Operation Tagging
– Receipt Header Edit
– Points Tagging
– Show Barcode in Receipt
– Set Minimum Purchase Amount to Acquire Points
– Service Charge Percentage
Import Items from CSV File
Import Customer Data from CSV File
Re-Print Ejournal
– All Reports can be Exported to Excel
– All Reports have Date Range Filter
Cash In Report
Cash Out Report
Customer Summary Report
Cashier Summary Report
Hourly Report
Item Summary Report
Summary Department Sales
Summary Items Report
Sales Return Report
Void Transaction Report
Void Audit Trail Report
Sales Report Per Supplier
Sales Report Per Department
Sales Report Per Brand
Sales Report Per Division
Sales Report Per Section
Items Forecasting Report
Senior Citizen Detail Report
Senior Citizen Summary Report
PWD Detail Report
PWD Summary Report
Invoice Detail Report PA
Summary Report PA
Transation Type Detail Report
Transaction Type Summary Report
OR Detail Report
Gross Sales Report
Product Expiration Report
Product Modification Report
BIR Summary Sales
Monthly Xread
Monthly Zread
Reprint Zread
Reprint Xread
Cash Drawer Open History
Summary Brand Sales Report
Detailed Brand Sales Report
Trans Type Report All
Sales Report By Sales Name

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