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Q1. What if I accidentally forgot my POS Account password?

You may contact us at to learn how to reset the password of the DBA account, then you can proceed to resetting your main account’s password.

Q2. I cannot login my Cashier Account, the POS error says : “Cannot continue because the selected date was already posted.“, what should I do?

This message typically appears when you attempt to login into a Cashier Account after the POS has already posted its daily sales or Z-READ. You may often set a Pin or Password to an account to avoid this so that when they use the Z-Read, there will be a confirmation before they can end their daily transactions.

Q3. I cannot perform any transaction since I opened the POS today. The POS error says: “PLEASE CLICK XREAD AND ZREAD TO CONTINUE.”, what should I do?

When you attempt to enter into a Cashier account while the POS has not yet posted its daily X-read and Z-read, you often see this notice. Please log into your account and press X-Read(F11) and Z-Read(F12) to submit your prior sales in order to resolve the issue.

Q4. How to post the total sales per cutoff?

To post the total sales of the current shift, click XREAD, verify the total cash count with the POS count, then click POST XREAD.

Q5. How to determine the total sales of the day?

To determine the total sales of the day and close the current sales date, click ZREAD.

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